Barack Obama Unveils ‘Lloyd Dobler’ Strategy for 2012 Election

In a town hall meeting last Saturday with the nation’s disapproving parents, President Obama revealed that he really didn’t know what direction he planned on taking the nation – all he really wanted was to ‘hang out with the voters for another four years.’

Though Obama’s charm, optimism, and all-around likeability served him well with the voters in 2008, approval ratings have steadily declined over the past four years; while some pundits blame this drop on the economy, others have speculated that the voters just haven’t had time for Obama, what with their fathers being investigated by the IRS for tax violations relating to the nursing homes they all run.

Promising to appear outside every voter’s bedroom window until the election is held, Obama finished the town hall meeting by holding a Boom Box over his head and blasting out Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ to the now-smitten audience.

When reached for comment, Obama’s campaign admitted that was the only Peter Gabriel tune they owned.

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