Census: One in Three Billionaires Nervous About The Possibility Of Being Forced To Care More About America

It seems that in another attempt by big government, President Obama wants people to start caring more about America and its overall success. One of the groups that seems to be particularly targeted in this ploy is America’s billionaires.

Mark Fulstead, a billionaire living in New York, New York stated, “We got to where we are by playing the system, now that it’s broken, that’s not my problem. If people wanted to make it, they should’ve done so sooner, or do so the old fashion way, by being born into it… or better yet… win the lottery. I shouldn’t have to pay back into the country that helped me gain my success. People are middle class because they are too lazy to be upper class. I obtained my money, now I intend on keeping it. Working and middle class Americans are too greedy, and expect too much in return for their work. They should be privileged to even have a job in this economy. The reason why so many jobs are being outsourced is because the people in India, China, and the Philippines don’t talk back as much, and expect things. The fact that President Obama wants to raise my taxes by three percent, and cut my loopholes is outrageous. I spent a lot of money on lobbyists to protect those cuts and loopholes, and now he just wants to throw them out the window.”  

It is apparent that these nervous billionaires won’t take President Obama’s plan lying down.  They will fight tooth and nail to hold on to as much money as they can to invest in outside markets, cheaper labor overseas, and new ocean front homes. They don’t want incentives to hire here, because that would mean actually participating in American civilization. Something they’ve grown quite disgusted with, with the new emergence of “poor people begging them for jobs.” 

It seems that some of this newly afflicted group of individuals may have to do what they dread the most in the world, care about more than just themselves. That’s President Obama for you, always wanting everyone to be cared for and have a fair chance at success. Damn shame.

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