Bristol Palin to Replace Snooki on Jersey Shore?

Rumors that Bristol Palin, daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, will be replacing Snooki on the MTV hit reality show Jersey Show are being whispered up and down the New Jersey Turnpike.  Ms. Palin already has considerable experience appearing on reality TV shows.  She was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, made occasional appearances on Sarah Palin’s Alaska and began her career on the 2008 flop The McCain/Palin Presidential Roadshow, where she was used several times as a prop for how not to practice virginity.   She was one of the few highlights of that otherwise disappointing show.  Many consider her memorable shotgun proposal at the 2008 Republican National Convention to be the highlight of that short-lived show.  Becoming a cast member on Jersey Shore would mark a record-setting forth reality show of her young career.   She may already have an opportunity for a fifth show if The Disney Channel is successful at launching its much-anticipated show, ‘PALIN 2012 ??? : reloaded and waiting’.

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