Mitt Romney Embraces Being Labeled a Flip-Flopper

Mitt Flips

In a stunning move, GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has chosen to embrace having been labeled a flip-flopper by the media and political analysts.

With an uncharacteristic sense of humor, Romney has purchased a U.S. based flip-flop manufacturing company. Returning to his roots as a corporate raider however, Romney promptly fired all the employees of the company and outsourced the manufacturing of the  “Mitt Flips” to a Malaysian child labor factory.

Approximately 100 children under the age of ten will work sixteen hour days at an estimated three cents an hour to produce the patriotic themed footwear. Romney stands to make huge profits as the shoes will retail in the U.S. for $27.99.

When asked about the firing of some seventy American workers and outsourcing the jobs to Malaysian child labor, Mitt simply replied, “See, I’m a job creator.”

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