Former President Bush Supporters Recycling ‘W’ Mouse Pads In Support of Mitt Romney

Showing a true effort of being “green” and “fiscally responsible” many former President George W. Bush supporters are taking out their old “W The President” mouse pads and recycling them to now show support for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

This easy effort of turning the pad upside down is just another way that many conservatives are hopping on-board the new popular trend of reusing old used up things as new again. With this new repurposing effort, Mitt Romney is hoping to get many “on-the-fence” voters that are conservative, but still care about the environment to vote for him in the upcoming primaries.

When former President Bush was notified of this new adaptation to his mouse pad he replied, “heh, why not? It’s cool to see my stuff out there again, even if I have to stand on my head to read it the old way.”

The Romney campaign put out a statement saying, “It’s always great to be able to use old things as new, especially when it means we don’t have to spend any of our own money to create new ones, although that may be a profit venture in the near future.”

In the world of politics it’s always great to see old and new candidates coming together in support of one common purpose, publicity.

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