Unplanned Parenthood Gaining Conservative Support Across Nation

There has been a long-standing argument from conservatives that Planned Parenthood is not good for America. It teaches women to take care of themselves by allowing them to garner contraceptives, receive preventative care and treatment of disease, and teaches them to be responsible when it comes to their bodies and sexual lives. This apparent socialist scheme just takes us one step closer to a nation that actually provides care for its citizens, and that is exactly what conservatives don’t want.

Instead, conservatives are strong advocates for Unplanned Parenthood. They are trying to get them set up across the nation to tell women, “don’t let the government tell you that you should be responsible and healthy.” Republicans want to be the only people allowed to tell women what they can do with their bodies, and that is to do absolutely nothing. Thus the emergence of Unplanned Parenthoods popping up all over the nation. Not to mention, the spread of highly preventable diseases that people should have the freedom to obtain.

Republicans are telling Americans that abstinence only programs are highly successful. They are even the keystone message at every Unplanned Parenthood location. Even though the success rates of these programs is not very high, those in favor are not worried, because the individuals that run the programs can have the peace of mind that they didn’t expose their clients to unwanted health care and procreative information.

Conservatives across America want everyone to know that Unplanned Parenthood is what will keep our nation on its path to moral success.

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