John Boehner Hires New Maid: First Job He’s Created As Speaker

Being Speaker of the House is a very busy job, and sometimes that work makes you want to throw a party or two to wind down. The only thing about throwing parties is, they often create a large mess. To combat this issue head on Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has decided to hire on another maid to handle the duties of increasing the cleanliness in his home.

This comes as a welcomed surprise to many House Democrats who have been waiting for Speaker Boehner to act on his “never-ending rhetoric” of being a job creator. The Speaker can now boast about his job creation because this is the first job he has created since taking the House gavel this past January.

Hopefully, many more in Congress will follow suit and hire more employees to suit their needs. I urge them to hire legitimately, and not pay under the table because we know many Republicans feel “Taxed Enough Already” and may feel tempted to hand out cash.

All things considered, a job is a job. Perhaps the wealthy truly are the job creators after all. Maybe one day, we can all work as the help in the homes of elite America. That is after all, the American dream.

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