In An Attempt To Spite Obama, Republicans Become Pro-Choice

During an interview today with Sean Hannity, Hannity tried to get President Obama to discuss how he feels about abortion, and his pro-life views. Hannity posed the question: “how do you feel about the fact that your pro-abortion policies equate to murdering children? How do you sleep at night knowing you’re a baby-killer?”

Despite the hostile nature of the question, President Obama remained calm and responded:

“Abortion, I believe, is a touchy subject. Um…I believe in an ideal world, there would be no abortions.”

Sean Hannity’s reaction was immediate, and alarming. Jumping out of his seat he screamed “how dare you! Who are YOU to tell ANYONE what to do with their body? You are elected to lead the country, not legislate what a woman should or should not do. You’re just another big government liberal who thinks the Government is more equipped to make my decisions than I am, or that the Government is smarter than women. You sir, are a disgrace to this country!”

The President started to reply, “that’s not what I…” but Hannity’s show cut to commercial before the President had a chance to finish. The reaction from the right-wing was immediate. Rick Perry made the following comment at a campaign stop in Iowa:

“If Mr. Obama wants to tell women what to do with their body, well, I can’t say what people in Iowa would do about something like that, but in Texas we’d treat him pretty ugly.”

In response to the President’s comments, Michele Bachmann stated:

“This President has been one of the worst Presidents in history as far as bossing women around, and I think the American people have had it. They’re tired of his big government agenda, always telling women what to do. They’ve had it.”

During his radio show today, Glenn Beck told an eager caller:

“This President is someone who, I believe, has exposed himself over and over as a sexist. I’m not saying he’s a sexist, I’m just saying I think he has a problem with women. I’m saying this guy has a deep-seated hatred for women or women’s culture.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney released a statement saying “Abortion is a serious issue, and not something the President takes lightly. The President will consider the GOP’s demands to be more pro-choice, and will hold a press conference to announce what he decides to do.”

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