5 ways a Republican Congressman celebrates Labor Day

5 Ways a Republican Congressman celebrates Labor Day

1.  Wakes up out of bed made out of Koch Bros. cash and dead public employees and goes to the bathroom on a copy of Eugene Debbs’ “Gentle Rebel“.

2. Has his maid fetch him his bathrobe while he explains he loves that it is made in Chinese sweatshops pennies on the dollar to avoid paying American workers healthcare.

3. Has his maid pour him a glass of mercury-laden tap water while he explains how he loves that industry gets to dumps tons of chemicals into nearby drinking water supplies while taxpayers foot the bill.

4. Get’s dressed, has personal pilot fire up his personal jet, and gleefully explains to his personal pilot the whole time why he doesn’t give a living crap about roads being unpaved and dilapidated following his massive budget cuts since he has his own private jet.

5. Finally, arrives at corporate-sponsored campaign fundraiser where he screams about Obama being a socialist and not lowering taxes on his fellow corporation people. Then, when the cameras are off, he and his fellow corporation people laugh and smoke Cuban cigars as they joke about generating billions, not paying any taxes and yet getting billions in corporate subsidies.

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