US Representative Joe Walsh Gets Second Job To Pay Child Support

Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) is one of the new Tea Party members of Congress, where he headed to Washington on a ticket of fiscal responsibility. He told a local reporter that “fiscal responsibility begins at home.” He also stated that he can’t afford to pay his child support while working for the low-paying US Congress, and since he seems to be the model for financial know-how, he’s taken a second job.

He has been hired at a popular fast food restaurant in Washington D.C. near Capital Hill. When asked about his new job, he stated that he “likes the flexibility” because he is only able to work nights and weekends. He was given a uniform to wear so he doesn’t have to worry about his suit and tie becoming ruined at the fry station.

According to the Congressman, his children are very proud that he is able to gain extra funds for child support by working additional hours at the local Capital Hill eatery. He is happy to report that all of the earned income from his minimum wage job is given directly to his children.

He’s being an extremely good role model for those seeking fiscal responsibility by using his new earnings to pay back his unpaid child support. It’s good to know there are some credible people working in Washington these days.

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