Crayon Companies Adding New Color To Fall Roster: Boehner Orange

Crayon companies globally are taking the leap and adding a new color to their roster. This unexplainable color has caused quite a stir, and many feel it may overstep the boundaries of decency. However, with the rise in reality shows also utilizing this color it seemed a proper fit for mainstream sales. This new color will be known as “Boehner Orange,” titled after the US Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH).

Critics are calling this color “a harsh and unnecessary jab at the person third in line to the Presidency of the United States.” However, the proponents of this new color see it as a “must have answer to a perturbing question.” They feel that since this will now be a widely known addition to the color spectrum, fewer questions will arise due to the skin color as it becomes normalized. It will be easier to look past the color of someone’s skin, and focus on the issues at hand.

School children everywhere, especially those in the northeast, particularly in New Jersey seem elated with this new addition. They now no longer feel left out of a color scheme that once seemed to irrationally exclude them. Parents are praising Speaker Boehner for bringing this issue to the forefront, and for also being the first orange Speaker of the House. That alone is an accomplishment unto itself.


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