On a Privatization Spree, The GOP Accidentally Backs Gay Marriage

The Republican party is known for wanting to make everything private; business, school, health care, etc. In a recent press release from GOP Congressional Leaders it states:

“We seek the privatization of everything that goes on in the lives of the citizens of the United States of America. It is their right as tax paying citizens to have control over every aspect of their everyday lives. Without this freedom, we are left to the control of big government and their scare tactics to the point of submission.” 

With that being said, they have inadvertently switched views on a lot of legislation that they were once for. One of those pieces of legislation being the Defense of Marriage Act. Apparently now, the Republican party is in full support of people’s freedom to marry whom they choose, because it’s their right as tax paying citizens. Otherwise, it’s just “big government” paving the way for a complete and utter takeover of every citizen’s private life.

This comes as a big sigh of relief to the LGBT community, who have been waiting a lifetime to be fully represented by the government they pay taxes to. Taxation without representation is a travesty to the American way of life. It’s good to know that the GOP is finally on board with equal representation.



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