Speaker Boehner: Democrats Insist on Keeping Job-Killing Meatloaf Mondays in the Congressional Cafeteria

It’s as American as apple pie, except it’s made of meat, bread, other leftovers, and spices. Meatloaf has become a staple dish for Americans that want to feel they are part of something special. Speaker Boehner feels that “Meatloaf Mondays” in the Congressional Cafeteria is a threat to our democracy and jobs. He thinks that promoting only one dish per day is unAmerican and anti-Capitalism. He feels that when we place such regulations and restrictions on food consumption, we don’t allow for others to make a decision for themselves when it comes to what they would like to eat. As far as job killing, who knows, maybe he is correct. Maybe it takes one less chef to prepare a loaf of meat than to prepare multiple other options. All we know is, if we live in a world without meatloaf, we live in a world without sunshine and moonbeams… covered in meat… and probably a lot of ketchup.

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