Dictionaries: Threatening Validity of GOP

There has been growing concern amongst those in the Republican party that a publication widely available to everyone will gum up their chances of appearing valid in the eyes of all Americans. This publication may in fact prove to be the quietus of the GOP. Many Republicans are pushing for the removal of this publication from all institutions of knowledge so that they can replace it with one that better suits their needs. This provocative publication is better known as The Dictionary.

This book that lists words and their definitions is unknown to many in the Republican party, and poses a direct threat to any chance of diminishing the appearance of those that stand against them. If this regime of books get into the hands of children, it has been rumored that once properly educated, a child will never have the chance to grow up and be part of the dwindling Republican base. These children will otherwise put into the category of liberal, or worse… progressive. Current Republicans are hard at work trying to keep proper education from affecting their future voting pool. However, since the development of  “big government” internet, more and more words have leaked into the minds of a growing population of future intellectuals. An intelligent America is a Republican’s worst nightmare.

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